Eduardo was born in Brazil where he graduated from FADIVALE – Faculdade do Rio Doce - in December/2015, becoming a licensed attorney in Brazil after passing the bar exam in the same year. From 2011 to 2012, Eduardo worked as a volunteer mediator for the Special Court of his State, using self-compositional techniques in seek of mutual solution of disputes, dealing daily with lawyers and parties. After that, Eduardo was hired by the Judge in early 2013 and worked as his assessor for three years, helping the magistrate by drafting judicial decisions and ordinary rulings.  

      Just after graduating, Eduardo came to the United States in January/2016 and started learning English at Georgia State University, where he attended the IEP - Intensive English Program - for four months. Also, he enrolled and completed the EPP:L -English for Professional Purposes: Law, during the summer.