Lauren Thomas was born in Griffin, Georgia, but has lived in various locations including Colombia, South America, Alabama, and California prior to returning to her current residence in Atlanta, Georgia in 2013. Lauren is currently a full-time student at Kennesaw State University, and is expected to receive a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology in the fall of 2018. After graduation, she has plans to return to Colombia to live with family as she pursues a law degree from the Universidad de Medellin.

                Upon returning to Atlanta, Lauren held a position as a legal assistant at a law firm specializing in defense work for various insurance companies. Though defense litigation is the opposite of “personal injury”, or plaintiff representation, she believes this experience gave her a broader understanding than others specializing in only one party or the other. She often utilizes this understanding to better assist our clients, using it to their advantage whenever possible.  

                Lauren joined the team at Ghiaasiaan & Briceno as a paralegal in early 2017. She enjoys facilitating office events for networking and researching legal matters inside the office. In her free time, Lauren enjoys hiking with her son, building things, and gardening. She has 2 pitbulls rescues and often volunteers at the Fulton County Animal Shelter.